Plum + Rhubarb


Savor the sweet and tangy aroma of Plum + Rhubarb with our captivating candle. Handcrafted with care, it infuses your home with the delightful essence of orchard-fresh delights.

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Get ready to be tantalized by the seet, mouthwatering aroma of our Plum + Rhubarb candle, a captivating blend of juicy plum, tangy rhubarb, and luscious boysenberry. Meticulously handcrafted to perfection, this unique combination will fill your living spaces with a fragrance that is both sweet and vibrant, adding a delightful touch of fruity bliss.
As this exceptional creation graces your home, the air becomes infused with the irresistible scent of ripe plums, complemented by the zesty allure of rhubarb and the juicy essence of boysenberry. Close your eyes and imagine strolling through a bountiful orchard, handpicking the most succulent fruits. The Plum + Rhubarb candle captures that exhilarating experience, bringing the delightful essence of orchard-fresh delights right into your living space.

Let the luscious fragrance of plums awaken your senses, while the tangy rhubarb and boysenberry add a playful twist to your olfactory adventure. The perfect balance of sweetness and tartness creates an ambiance that is both invigorating and comforting, infusing every occasion with a burst of fruity joy.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Plum + Rhubarb and let the enchanting fragrance ignite your imagination. Allow the delightful aroma to brighten your living spaces, creating an atmosphere of pure happiness and indulgence. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or simply enjoying a quiet evening, this candle sets the stage for a delightful experience that will leave you craving more. With our handmade efforts making the difference, the Plum + Rhubarb candle is here to elevate your senses and make every moment unforgettable.

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Plum + Rhubarb

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