Quietly Quirky

Quietly Quirky is all about celebrating your quirks with unique items that bring joy to quirky humans like you.

Est. 2021

Embrace your quirky side.

I decided to bring some joy to the world – something different. Eco-friendly candles and wax melts – and some cool handmade accessories. Because heck, it’s time to light up your lives with something that brings you joy!

Quietly Quirky aims to bring sparks of joy by being different – by simply bringing things back to their essence. No fluff, embracing being eccentric, owning your elegance and bringing the joy back in the little moments.

Here’s to being different – and embracing every part of it.

My hope for all items from Quietly Quirky is that they put a smile on your face when you see them. Whether that’s through one of my excellent (accidental) puns, simple design or with a scent that brings you joy – I believe it’s the little things in life that make the biggest difference.

Quietly Quirky started as a passion project, gotĀ slightly out of hand, and now is this small but mighty movement to bring unique and quirky items to people who want to bring something different into their homes.

In gratitude,

The quietly quirky mission

Celebrate beingĀ you

Embrace your quirks, you are amazing just as you are. Imperfections and all, don’t you dare hide your brilliance from the world. I made these items with their imperfections, working with the beauty of exactly what they have to offer. Whether that’s wax, paper or any other material, making most of what is there. There is beauty in simply celebrating the essence.

Quirky values

At the core of all our items.

Bring Joy

Bring little moments of joy every day.

Love the Essence

You’re brilliant just as you are, let’s celebrate that!

Bold Simplicity

Simple and bold, no shame or excuses!

The creators

From between my ears to in your hands

An enthusiastic maker and her cat.


Chief Everything


Chief Meow