Quietly Quirky Melt Bars

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Smells delicious.

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These melt bars give you the same scents as Quietly Quirky candles in your wax melt burner.

Simply snap off a part of the bar, and place in your wax melt burner.

One bar will last you over 60 hours, each cube bringing scent into your home for 15 hours or more.

Melts tip: Once all fragrance has evaporated, leave the wax to harden. Then start heating the wax for 30 seconds and scoop out the wax – leaving your burner clean for a next fragrance.

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Weight 60 g

Sweet Nothing, Simply Sensual, Laundry Day, Just Pearfect, Zest For Life, A Breath Of Fresh Air


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Quietly Quirky Melt Bars

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